BLM gallops ahead with wild horse eradication plan amid ongoing litigation  

Local wildlife photographer Norm Williams snapped this image of wild horses in Lassen County. He said, “These horses are in excellent shape and shine like a new penny.”

On June 13, 2024, Eubanks & Associates — on behalf of petitioners American Wild Horse ConservationAnimal Welfare InstituteWestern Watersheds Project and other petitioners —  notified the U.S. District Court of Wyoming that the Bureau of Land Management is rapidly moving forward with its plan to eradicate more than 4,000 wild horses, despite previously arguing to the court that the groups’ lawsuit is not timely because no final removal decision had yet been issued.

The filing came less than a week after the BLM released a scoping notice for an environmental assessment to implement contested Resource Management Plan amendments. These amendments changed the status of the Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas to Herd Areas, labeling 4,876 wild horses as “excess” and requiring their removal. The scoping notice stated that removals could start as early as Oct. 1.

The petitioners argue in the pending lawsuit that the BLM’s decision to amend two Resource Management Plans was unlawful. In response, the BLM argued that the argument was not yet ripe for adjudication by the court, absent a specific removal decision from the agency to implement the amended Resource Management Plans.

“The new filing underscores our grave concerns about the Bureau of Land Management’s disregard for the legal process and the welfare of wild horses. Despite ongoing litigation, the BLM is pushing forward with a plan that would devastate these historic populations,” said Suzanne Roy, executive director of AWHC. “This plan not only undermines the spirit of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act but also jeopardizes the future of these cherished symbols of the American West.”

“The BLM’s aggressive insistence on removing these federally protected wild horses is not only unnecessary but also blatantly disregards the legal protections to which these animals are afforded under the law. In issuing the scoping notice for the looming eradication of horses from these public lands, the BLM has only reinforced why we must urgently hold the agency accountable,” said Joanna Grossman, PhD, Equine Program Director and Senior Policy Advisor at the Animal Welfare Institute.

“The BLM’s plan to eradicate whole herds of Wyoming’s wild horses from lands that show no evidence of horse-caused degradation reflects a troubling preoccupation with maximizing cattle and sheep numbers on public lands with total disregard for the public interest,” said Erik Molvar, Executive Director of Western Watersheds Project. “This shortsighted focus on maximizing livestock  undermines biodiversity as well as the integrity of our public lands

“Accordingly, while this case was plainly ripe before now, BLM’s new scoping statement that makes clear wild horses will be forcibly, permanently removed from the public range in several months as a result of the RMP amendments challenged here only further underscores that this case is justiciable and cannot get any riper,” wrote Eubanks & Associates in the notice filed on behalf of the Petitioners.

Oral arguments in this case are scheduled for July 16 in Wyoming. Other plaintiffs in the lawsuit include Dr. Chad Hanson, and wild horse photographers Carol Walker and Kimerlee Curyl.

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