Bob Burns for judge

In the upcoming March election, Bob Burns is the man for the position of Lassen County Superior Court Judge.

How do I know ? From 2005-2007, I had the honor (and pleasure) of serving as a deputy district attorney in the Lassen County District Attorney’s Office – then headed by Lassen County District Attorney Bob Burns.

In my job as a Lassen County deputy district attorney, I had the opportunity to work closely with Bob Burns every day: what I saw in working with him on those busy, often stressful, days was that Bob Burns was the man who made justice happen in Lassen County.

Certainly there were (and are) other very important local organizations and individuals – the Lassen County Sheriff’s Department (with its many dedicated deputies), the Susanville Police Department (with its hard-working officers), the Lassen Superior Court personnel, various defense counsel doing their best to effectively represent their clients, as well as individual citizens sacrificing time and convenience in order to serve as jurors or undertake the often difficult burden of being a witness in a criminal case.

But Bob Burns was the man who, by virtue of his interest in all the communities in Lassen County (both as a consequence of his position and as a decades-long resident), his exceptional intelligence (and concomitant calm, forthright demeanor) and his integrity – the touchstone of every decision and action he made or took – was able to discern, amid the murk of conflicting stories and claims, a path to move toward, and accomplish, the right thing, the just thing.

I am getting ready to retire from my current position as a deputy district attorney in the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office (I eventually moved to Sacramento due to family issues).

Looking back on my long career as a deputy district attorney (and prior to that as a U.S. Navy officer), I can honestly say that Bob Burns was probably the best boss I ever had – a really good guy, as well as a proven and reliable public servant — someone you could count on, rely on, to do the right thing — no matter how difficult.

David Archibald, Sacramento, California