Brian Dahle fights to suspend the gas tax, lower utility bills

The legislature wrapped up its last day of session Sept. 14 and sent more than 1‚100 bills to the governor’s desk for signature, according to a statement from District 1 Senator Brian Dahle. I’d like to thank many of you who reached out to my offices to share your support or concern regarding legislation as it moved through the legislative process. Your participation is essential, and I value your input. I will keep you informed of my legislative package as we get closer to the deadline (Oct. 14) for the governor to sign or veto bills.

Brian Dahle

Affordability continues to be at the forefront for all Californians. Senate Republicans didn’t let the legislative session end without‚ once again‚ pushing to lower the cost of gasoline by $1 a gallon. Sadly‚ the Democrats blocked this measure to lower fuel costs. Just recently‚ I joined my Republicans colleagues and called on the governor to convene a Special Session to suspend the gas tax.

The legislature also passed two measures (ACA 1 and ACA 13) to make it easier to tax you. For more than 40 years‚ Proposition 13 has protected taxpayers and is a safeguard to unforeseen property tax increases‚ puts a check on excessive taxation‚ and helps slow unreasonable spending increases. ACA 1 would significantly lessen these protections‚ giving local government more power to tax homes and businesses. I urged my legislative colleagues to reject ACA 1‚ however the majority party moved it forward.

ACA 13 would make it difficult‚ to nearly impossible‚ for Californians to impose new restrictions on taxation. Since these are both Constitutional Amendments, Californians will have an opportunity to vote on these on the ballot.

I also took the opportunity to stand up against irrational energy rate increases being proposed. I will never stop advocating for common sense measures.

I’m pleased to share more than $45 million in funding was granted for water projects in the district.

It’s an honor to serve you, Dahle said.