Budget deficit alarms continue ringing under ‘Gavinomics’

California Senate Budget Committee Vice Chair Roger Niello expressed deep concerns over the continued fiscal mismanagement by the Democratic-controlled state government that is now projected to have a $73 billion budget deficit, according to the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst.

“Democratic legislators and the governor’s continued fiscal irresponsibility is troubling, as evidenced by their unchecked spending and the alarming growth of the state’s budget problem,” said Senator Niello. “Californians deserve better than the reckless approach we’ve seen in recent years. It’s time for a course correction and a renewed commitment to responsible budgeting that puts the needs of our residents first.”

Over the past decade, Democrats have wielded exclusive control over the budget process, leading to more than doubling state General Fund spending from $86 billion in 2011 to an exorbitant $217 billion in 2021.

“The non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office revised California’s projected $68 billion budget deficit to a projected $73 billion budget deficit,” said Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones in a post reacting to the news. “Governor Newsom is still trying to fool the public that the deficit is $38 billion. How are we supposed to balance the budget when our governor can’t even admit the true size of the deficit his administration racked up?”