Firefighters prepare to enter the live fire simulator during the training held Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25. Photos by Makenzie Davis

Burn simulator provides hands-on training for firefighters

This weekend, various firefighters from agencies throughout Lassen County, and some from neighboring areas, received hands-on training thanks to funding from the California State Firefighter’s Association.

Saturday, April 24, and Sunday, April 25, a red burn simulator in the Walmart parking lot served as the hub for volunteer firefighters seeking live fire, forcible entry and ventilation training.

Crews extinguish the fire during the training simulator.

The burn simulator, from the Kelseyville Fire Protection District, “provides state of the art technology with the ability to provide life-like training evolutions such as; a rollover prop, forcible entry prop, couch and stove prop, wall breach, cold smoke and black out drills. The second story allows for above grade and/or below grade hose and rescue evolutions as well as realistic vertical ventilation.” their website read.

Susanville Fire Department Assistant Chief Marc Murphy and Volunteer Captain Dan Weaver noted the training’s importance in helping crews learn fire behavior, to trust their gear, fire attack, and how to control their adrenaline in live fire situations.

“Live fire training for firefighters is difficult for small departments like ours,” McCloud Fire Department Chief Charlie Miller noted. “Training is mandated, but funding for it is not. Thankfully, organizations like CSFA exist to bridge this gap.”