Jake Thomas, back left, Guss Rodriguez, Colby Chavez, Brad Pon, Nick Domitrovich, Chance Loflin, Anthony Dickerson, Geoff Cook, Sonny Martinez, front left, Jeremy and Makoa Wong, Trevor Polan, Ryan Arredondo, Trent Bauer and Will Ferris celebrate their championship victory over Dirty Mike And The Boys on Aug. 10. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Burros win men’s upper championship game

After a season-long battle, slow-pitch men’s softball team The Burros finally put their feud with Dirty Mike And The Boyz to rest on Aug. 10.

The slow-pitch playoffs were held between July 27 and Aug. 9 with the 21 teams divided into five divisions.

Along with The Burros, the four teams competing in the men’s upper division included Dirty Mike And The Boyz, Balls Deep and Those Guys.

Trent Bauer prepares a mighty swing during the men’s upper division slow-pitch softball championship game against Dirty Mike And The Boyz on Aug. 10. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Burros began the playoffs with a win against Those Guys on July 28. They then moved on to take on their rival, Dirty Mike And The Boyz, on Aug. 3.

After their loss against The Burros, Dirty Mike And The Boyz took on Those Guys in the loser’s bracket and earned a second chance for the championship title.

The championship game between The Burros and Dirty Mike And The Boyz was set for Aug. 9, but a storm of hail, rain, lightning and thunder postponed the highly anticipated match until Aug. 10.

The Burros clearly had a great desire to defeat Dirty Mike And The Boyz as the rankings of the teams as of July 14 were called with Dirty Mike And The Boyz in the lead with a 12-1 record and The Burros in second with 12-2.

The close score caused quite the rift between the teams. According to The Burros’ team manager Jeremy Wong, the two losses suffered by The Burros were due to one forfeit against Dirty Mike And The Boyz and one loss by a single point against the same team.

“We’re a better team,” said Wong. “We just struggled with only eight guys.”

With tension in the air, the teams took on the championship match. With more than six points putting them in the lead, The Burros ultimately won the game and earned the title.

According to Wong, The Burros are a first-year team with plans to return next year.

Though 2017 was the first year to see The Burros as one team, the teammates had prior experience in the slow-pitch softball city league.

“We came from three teams. The Awesome Opossums, SNAFU and Brew Brothers,” said Wong.

Being a first-year team did bring difficulties, however. Many of the games played throughout the season only saw eight players as jobs, family and other obligations often took teammates from the field.

“We’re a family first team,” said Wong. “We won a lot of games with eight guys, and I’m proud of that.”

Fans can expect to see great things from The Burros during the 2018 season.

The Burros would like to thank their sponsors and leave the community with a final “hee-haw” for the 2017 season.

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