Business Scene for the week of 11/7/17

The Lassen County Office of Education tells us the You Matter Marathon is designed to create and enrich positive connections between people and within communities by sharing 10,000 “You Matter” cards during the month of November, from Nov. 1 to 30.

While no running is required to take place during this marathon, everyone will be exercising and fostering the strengths of kindness, compassion, gratitude and inclusion. This will build positive emotions in and between students, staff, faculty, parents, families, agencies, businesses and the greater community.

To make it to the finish line, you will need to make a point to share at least five “You Matter” cards during the month of November. It is also encouraged you to do one extraordinary Random Act of Kindness on Monday, Nov. 13 for World Kindness Day.

The Lassen Transit Service Agency is offering a special route on Saturday, Nov. 11. Lassen Rural Bus will have several pick up stops prior to drop off at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Susanville. In the afternoon, Lassen Rural Bus will be reversing the route. For more information, see their ad in this week’s paper or visit their website at

Don’t forget the Veterans Day parade at 11 a.m. on Main Street in Susanville. There will be presentations made at the Veterans Hall following the parade.

The Monticola Club of Susanville is hosting its 13th annual Christmas Boutique and Country Store on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 17 and 18. There will be textile arts, paintings, photography and more. The Monticola Clubhouse is located at 140 South Lassen St., Susanville. For more information, see their ad in this week’s paper.

Whatever the industry, its great leaders share basic qualities. In his book, “Think Like a Champion: Building Success One Victory at a Time,” Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan shares his insight into the principles of creating a winning team on, or in, any field.
Here’s Shanahan’s 15-point game plan for winning teams:
1. Teams matter more than individuals.
2. Every job is important.
3. Treat everyone with respect.
4. Share both victories and defeats.
5. Accept criticism.
6. Keep the boss well informed.
7. Focus on your work ethic, not others.
8. Allow for differences in lifestyle.
9. Be more creative than predictable.
10. Let go of failed ideas.
11. Employ structure and order.
12. Reward those who produce.
13. Find different ways to motivate your employees.
14. Keep your employees fresh.
15. Protect your system.

Weekly, we dedicate this space to share with you news tidbits about our local businesses. Today, as you read through this column, pause for a moment to consider just what it takes for these fine businesses to survive in this county, especially given our current financial crisis. Simply said: we need them and they need us. For that to truly work, businesses have to provide consistently good service and selection at a fair price. In turn, we have to do the shopping.

Are all the players — merchants and shoppers — doing their part? My guess, pretty much across the board, is no, at least not consistently. So, isn’t this the perfect time to renew our commitment to our fine county, to help our community, to help ourselves? You know the old adage, “What goes around, comes around!” How true is that when it comes to supporting our students and their extracurricular activities, our clubs and organizations, volunteer firefighters and even our local hospitals and health care?