Business Scene for the week of 6/20/17


You don’t have to have an off-road vehicle to call the Vargas brothers down at Livid Edge Motorsports. They are now offering diesel repair and diagnostics, along with tow packages, toolboxes and too many other products and services to list. For more information about what Livid Edge Motorsports can do for you, see their ad in this week’s paper or call 257-4867. They are located at 2995 Johnstonville Road in Susanville.



Head out to the Lassen County Fairgrounds this week and enjoy the eighth annual Bluegrass Festival. Wednesday kicks off with the Bluegrass and barbecue from 5 to 8 p.m., and then the three-day music festival takes place from Friday, June 23 through Sunday, June 25. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy. For more information, see their ad in this week’s paper, tickets available at, interim events.



Beginning at 1 p.m. next Tuesday, June 27, is the official ribbon cutting at the Honey Lake Valley Community Swimming Pool in Susanville. The soft opening of the pool is Wednesday, June 28, and the grand opening is Saturday, July 1. You can sign up for swim lessons or purchase a season pass by calling 252-5101.



To be successful in business, you need to be organized among other things. According to Investopedia and basic common sense, here are nine ways to be successful in business;

1. Get organized: As with anything in life, you need to be organized. Being organized and making lists allows you to see what needs to be done, and as you finish those items you can check them off. Completing all tasks is essential to your business.

2. Keep detailed records: All successful businesses keep detailed records, that way you’ll know where the business stands financially and what potential challenges you could face. Then you have time to create strategies to overcome any challenges.

3. Analyze your competition: Competition breeds the best results, you can’t be afraid to study and learn from your competitor. After all, they may be doing something right that you can implement in your own business.

4. Understand the risks and rewards: The key to being successful it taking calculated risks to help your business grow. A good question to ask is, “what’s the downside?” If you can answer that question, then you know the worst-case scenario. This knowledge will allow you to take the kinds of calculated risks that can generate tremendous rewards.

5. Be creative: Always be looking for ways to improve your business, make it stand out from the competition. Recognize that you don’t know everything and be open to new ideas and new approaches.

6. Stay focused: Just because you open a business doesn’t mean you’re going to immediately start making money. It takes time and money- a good marketing plan- to let people know who you are, so stay focused on achieving your shortterm goals.

7. Prepare to make sacrifices: The lead-up to starting a business is hard work, but after you open your doors, your work has really just begun. In many cases, you have to put in more time than you would if you were working for someone else. In turn, you have to make sacrifices, with your time mostly.

8. Provide great service: There are many successful businesses that forget providing great customer service is important. If you provide better, friendlier service to your customer, they’ll be more inclined to come to your business the next time they need something rather than going to your competition.

9. Be consistent: Consistency is a key component to being financially successful in business. You have to consistently remind people why they should shop at your business-hence a good marketing plan- this will create long-term positive habits that will help you be more successful financially. Laura Tew, Erika Guisti or myself are happy to meet with you and design a marketing plan to help your business be successful. You can reach us at 257-5321.



Roxanna and Brian Haynes are excited to officially open the Bottle & Brush Art Bar at 2208 Main St. in Susanville on June 21. Stop by the grand opening from noon to 7 p.m. and enter the free drawing to win a Paint & Sip for two. They spent the last two years researching and planning for this special new addition to Lassen County and have even brought a self-service card swipe pouring system in from Europe that keeps the wine fresh. In addition to the open studio, do it yourself boards and solo art, they will be featuring the work of local artists in the gift shop, too. If you’re thinking of something fun to do for date night, be sure to check them out and tell them the Lassen County Times sent you.



Dr. Branvold, DC at Susanville Chiropractic Clinic, has been making several new upgrades to his wellness center on First Street. The latest changes including bringing in the BACK ON TRAC spinal chair, which features 21 different protocols that provides a wide range of treatment options to aid in relief of chronic back pain. Life is movement and this therapy has been very successful with individuals suffering from bulging and herniated discs, degenerative joint disease, compression fractures and more.

Many patients experience increased range of motion and flexibility, improved circulation and improvement from lumbar, thoracic and sciatic pain. Plus, he’s also offering exercise with oxygen therapy and the latest in LED treatments that have been shown to offer numerous health benefits. Susanville Chiropractic Clinic is not your typical chiropractor. They are focusing on helping you get well, be well and stay well with a full line of non-invasive healthcare services. To learn more about their state-of-theart wellness services, call them to schedule a consultation at 257-7751.