Cady Springs project requires labor compliance

Proposition 84 grant funds are helping the city move forward with completing the Cady Springs Pump Station. However, it comes with many requirements, one of those being a labor compliance program. The LCP requires that the city verify its contractors are paying workers correctly. The process of verification costs around $4-6,000, but will be payable through the project, and will cost the city nothing.

Verifying costs will come from the hiring of a third party consultant firm, Gafcon Incorporated out of San Diego. The consultant firm has agreed to submit and prepare the LPC. However, there is a fee for project specific labor compliance oversight, which is where the costs come into the picture. The city council adopted the LCP at its Aug. 7 meeting, granting the consultants permission to proceed.

The Proposition 84 grant was received from the California Department of Water Resources for the purpose of construction of specific projects relating to the improvement of water facilities, including Cady Springs.

Upon accepting the funds, the city entered into an agreement with the DCWR where development of Department of Industrial Relations certified LCP is required. Proposition 84, called the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006, contains $5.38 billion spread over eight broad project areas.

The project areas include water quality, flood control, flood subventions, statewide water planning and design, protection of rivers, lakes and streams, forest and wildlife conservation, protections of beaches, bays, coastal waters, state parks and natural education facilities and sustainable communities/climate change.