CAGOP statement on Taxpayer Protection Act Ruling

Today, California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson released the following statement in response to today’s California Supreme Court ruling on the Taxpayer Protection Act:

“Today may be a victory for greedy Gavin Newsom, but it’s a major defeat for Californians who are struggling under exorbitant taxes and a sky-high cost of living.” Patterson said. “The California Democrat machine’s love affair with new taxes to pay for their ludicrous policies keep costing Californians their hard-earned money, and Newsom just made it that much easier to take even more. Ironically, Democrats successfully removed this ballot initiative while they are simultaneously busy in Sacramento trying to sabotage another. If Democrat policies weren’t so destructive to our state, Californians wouldn’t need these ballot initiatives to clean up the many messes they keep creating. Gavin Newsom and California Democrats clearly fear voters and would rather silence them than allow a vote to stop their incompetent and damaging agenda.”