California ballot propositions recommendations by various organizations has once again created a helpful tool for your voting readers — the accompanying chart that lists all 12 statewide propositions on the Nov. 3 ballot, cross-referenced with 20 organizations’ recommendations for how to vote on them. Included are all the major nonprofits in California, from the Democratic Party and California Labor Federation to the Republican Party and the Chamber of Commerce.

Check out this graphic to see recommendations on state propositions included on the Nov. 3 Presidential Election ballot.
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To summarize the recommendations, most conservative and Republican-leaning organizations encourage a No vote on all the propositions except 20 and 22, while liberal and Democratic groups favor Yes votes on all except 20 and 22.

Below is a chart to help you decide how to vote on this year’s 12 ballot propositions. Their numbers are listed across the top of the chart and described at the bottom. Down the left side of the chart are 20 major non-profit organizations, listed in order of liberal to conservative, followed by their recommendations. This allows you to see what the groups you respect recommend and therefore cast a more informed ballot.