California District 1 Senate candidate Megan Dahle says we deserve better

California District 1 Senate candidate Megan Dahle and fellow Republicans want to lower gas prices. And Dahle is accepting donations to help in that fight.

According to a statement from the Dahle campaign, “I’m fighting to lower the price of gasoline. I joined my fellow Republican colleagues and sent a letter to (California Governor Gavin) Newsom requesting that he call for a special session of the legislature to address this crisis.

“Californians shouldn’t continue to suffer under his leadership. His obsession with “Big Oil” is ridiculous. He even appointed an Oil Czar. It was just another political stunt.

“Why not produce clean energy right here in California? Why does he insist on importing oil from other countries who don’t have the same environmental standards? We must keep fighting against policies that are destroying our way of life in California. Will you continue to help my fight and pitch in today?”

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