California leads nation in gun safety laws, receiving an A from GIFFORDS Law Center’s annual scorecard

GIFFORDS Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence released the latest edition of its Annual Gun Law Scorecard, which grades and ranks each state on the strength of its gun laws. The comprehensive, 50-state analysis reflects that states with stronger gun laws have lower gun death rates and save more lives. This year, California received an A because it funded gun safety programs at nearly $160 million annually, invested $3 million in gun violence research, and banned guns in a number of sensitive locations.

Scorecard: Learn more about California’s grade by visiting this year’s Gun Law Scorecard.

State: Review California’s gun laws. 

“As we close out 2023, I’m reflecting on the tremendous gains in the fight for gun safety we’ve witnessed this year as well as the incomprehensible losses,” said Peter Ambler, Executive Director of GIFFORDS Law Center. “Communities like Monterey Park, Nashville, Louisville and Lewiston have been torn apart by mass shootings. Every single day we see violence in our neighborhoods taking too many lives too soon. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, but it is clear the fight is far from over.”

“We know gun laws save lives. California’s strong laws and comparably low gun death rate demonstrate that. We’ve proven that lawmakers can save lives, reduce violence, and make their states safer by following a simple blueprint: pass and implement gun violence prevention laws. Every year, our Scorecard is a reminder to states that progress is possible, but it’s also a warning of the work we have left to accomplish. The Gun Law Scorecard should be both a resource and roadmap for elected leaders, activists and concerned citizens to take action,” Ambler added.