California Senate Democrats: Locking up deodorant, unlocking crime

Senate Democrats reject Republican Amendment on felony theft, siding with career criminals yet again.

Once again, California Senate Republicans offered Senate Democrats a critical lifeline to restoring some accountability to this state, and once again, to no surprise, they rejected our amendment that would have held repeat retail theft criminals accountable for their crimes.

“Welcome to CRIMEafornia where deodorant and toothpaste are locked up, but thieves are not,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “For too long, far too many of my Democrat colleagues have believed retail theft is a victimless crime requiring only compassion and kind words to overcome. The Democrats’ way of thinking has emboldened thieves to believe that there are no consequences to their actions.”

California Senate Republicans’ amendment, aimed at enhancing public safety, would have given district attorneys the green light to go after serial thieves and charge them with a felony if they have two or more prior theft-related convictions, or other serious, violent or sexual convictions.

“CRIMEafornia’s Senate Democrats have spoken: Lock up your toiletries, not repeat retail thieves,” said Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones). “Retail theft isn’t just a loss of product – it’s a loss of revenue, resources and safety. It’s time for accountability, protecting law-abiding residents, and ensuring a safer California.”

Click here for the full language of the amendment, here for video of the presentation, and here for the roll-call vote.