California Senate Republicans urge immediate action to alleviate costs of rising natural gas prices

For months California families have seen their natural gas bills dramatically rising. This month, those bills shockingly skyrocketed due to higher demand and tighter supplies for natural gas on the West Coast. Utility bills already strain the budgets of many struggling Californians who are dealing with the high costs of living in this state, and the recent January rate increases squeeze budgets even more.

Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones , Senate Minority Caucus Chair Janet Nguyen, and all members of the California Senate Republican Caucus have taken action to provide financial relief. In a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission that was delivered today, Jones and Nguyen urged the CPUC board to swiftly adopt its California Climate Change Disbursement Program when the board meets tomorrow to review it.

According to a press release from the legislators, “Californians are facing natural gas bills that are double and even triple their usual cost. These high gas bills add to the financial hardships Californian families are already facing, such as rising inflation and high cost of living.”