Caltrans announces 24/7 traffic control on A-13/Highway 36

Caltrans is progressing construction operations on the A-13 Highway 36 Safety Project, near Chester from just west of Bailey Creek Bridge to just east of County Road A-13 in Plumas County.

The safety project includes the construction of a traffic circle (roundabout). Constructing the roundabout includes removing the existing asphalt, performing earthwork cuts, placing asphalt concrete structural sections in the circulatory roadway and approach legs, and adding concrete curbing for the roundabout and approach legs. In addition, the safety project will relocate one utility pole, add striping and new landscaping, add luminaries on the approach legs, and install new signage.

Motorists will encounter one-way traffic control with up to 20 minute delays, 24 hours a day/7 days a week for the foreseeable future, to expedite project completion.

4th of July holiday
Caltrans is asking motorists to avoid the Plumas County Road A-13 at Highway 36 intersection as 24-hour traffic control will continue through the 4th of July holiday. Delays of 20 minutes or more are expected with incoming heavy traffic. Delays are expected to increase significantly for the holiday, with heavy traffic accessing scheduled holiday events.

Motorists are encouraged to navigate the peninsula area from the east on Highway 147, and then onto Plumas County Road A-13 going north. Parade access is available from Highway 89 north to Highway 36 east.

Allot extra time for delays and slow down and drive carefully in and around the project area.

The construction project includes 85 working days, and is expected to be completed by the end of September, pending weather and operations.

Knife River Construction, North Region Construction and Caltrans District 2 thank the traveling public and local communities for their patience during the construction of the project. Construction projects are subject to changes without prior notice. Caltrans and its contractors do our best to keep the public informed.

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