Caltrans calls for public input on Active Transportation Plan Survey

The California Department of Transportation needs public input on its active transportation planning process survey to identify locations for bicycle and pedestrian improvements on the state highway system. By participating in this localized map-based survey, the public plays a critical role in shaping the plan.

“As District Director for Caltrans District 2 with a long time career as a transportation engineer and active transportation advocate, I am excited about the direction the department is taking in elevating alternative modes of transportation to a higher level in the planning, project development, and maintenance of our state highways,” said District 2 Director Dave Moore. “Public input on this plan is crucial to the future development and the addition of bike, pedestrian and other modes of transportation access to our highways.”

The public survey will allow residents to tell Caltrans where improvements could be made to facilitate bicycling and walking on or near the state highway system. Survey responses will provide specific data about the type and location of needed improvements, allowing Caltrans to evaluate these locations in developing future projects.

Caltrans wants to align the state’s bicycle and pedestrian network with the needs of local communities, with an emphasis on improving social equity, reconnecting communities, and improving access for all modes of transportation, including people who walk and bicycle. Caltrans will be actively engaging with partners and community members in areas where historic transportation decisions may have created barriers to adequate transportation.

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