Caltrans — thanks for listening to us

It’s a rare moment when we get to say thank you to state government officials for listening to the concerns of our community up here in Northeastern California, and now is such a time. Too often state officials tell us what they’re going to do, and leave us little choice in the matter — we’re simply along for the ride.

But this time, after many local residents and city officials expressed concerns regarding some of the changes Caltrans proposed for Main Street (especially changing the Uptown portion of Main Street from Weatherlow to the curve at the bottom of Town Hill from two lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction), the state agency heard our pleas and said their proposed plan “is not something they will move forward with unless it has the support of the community and city council,” according to a statement from the city’s public works department.

Several city officials told the newspaper the city council would take up the Main Street matter at its Wednesday, July 17 meeting, but then City Hall responded because that also is the opening day of the Lassen County Fair, the Main Street issue would not be on the agenda for that meeting. Instead, the city plans to hold a special meeting sometime in the near future — time and date to be announced — to discuss the matter. To be sure, there are proponents on both sides of this proposal, and they will have an opportunity to be heard at this special meeting. That’s great news, and kudos to Caltrans for letting our community have a voice in this decision about our Main Street (also State Route 36) for a change.