As you approach Fredonyer, there are several areas where Caltrans cut down trees and LMUD will relocate around 25 of its transmission line poles. Photos by Jake Hibbitts

Caltrans works to widen Highway 36

If you’ve driven on Highway 36 between Susanville and Westwood recently, you may have noticed its windiest portions had vast portions of trees cut along the roadside.

Dubbed the “Good Fred” project because of its distance from Goodrich Creek to Fredonyer Summit, the Caltrans project will cause local utility, Lassen Municipal Utility District, to move around 25 of its transmission poles next spring in order to widen the highway.

The information was shared at LMUD’s December meeting where Electric Operations Manager Cort Cortez shared that the utility has put the transmission pole relocation out to bid and is awarding the contract by the first of the year.

While work on the Good Fred project has ended for the winter season, it will pick back up in the spring, as soon as conditions permit.

Caltrans has agreed to be responsible for the cost of removing LMUD’s transmission poles since the lines were put in before the highway.