The Lassen College Camp Cougar saw and taught more then 30 athletes between ages 12 and 17 years the fundamentals of basketball. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Camp Cougar teaches basketball to local teens

Tristan Struthers runs through a dribbling drill at Camp Cougar on June 28. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The annual Camp Cougar returned to the Lassen College gymnasium between June 26 and June 29.

This year’s camp successfully taught various basketball skills to more than 30 teenagers between seventh and 12th grade.

Lassen College men’s basketball coach Will Freedman commented on the great progress seen from the campers.

He said, “This is my fourth year doing these camps. I’ve seen some of these kids all four years. They are definitely improving and having fun.”

According to Freedman, campers have visibly improved since the first day of camp, and based on his years of experience, some of the campers have improved leaps and bounds between the years of camp attendance.

“It’s nice to see these kids grow and improve,” said Freedman.

Lassen College women’s basketball coach Dorinda Shaffer agreed. She said, “They’re doing awesome. This is one of the best camps ever.”

Campers showed a lot of dedication throughout the four days, and it was apparent to the coaches as well as one another.

Shaffer said, “These kids are attentive, the coaches are great and there is a lot of energy. I love it.”

During camp, local athletes worked on ball handling, passing, screening, moving without the ball and shooting.

While the camp tries to ensure each student leaves with a better understanding of the sport in general, Camp Cougar puts in the extra effort

Ben Null keeps his eye on the ball while switching between right-handed dribbling and left-handed dribbling at Camp Cougar. Photo by Ashley Grogan
Damari Shannon prepares to shoot in the key while at Camp Cougar. Photo by Ashley Grogan

to give the young athletes a more detailed look at the skills needed to win a basketball game.

The camp days began with stretches to keep athletes limber. After being warmed up and ready to take on the challenges of the day, campers started drills to improve their ball handling.

Campers then paired together to practice passing before dividing into large groups to practice a specific skill with one of the coaches.

In addition to Freedman and Shaffer, Mark Fraser and Marcus Anderson shared their knowledge with the campers.

Shaffer also brought in six incoming players for the LCC women’s basketball team to allow more individual coaching for the campers.

With the many coaches and counselors at the camp, the Camp Cougar campers were able to focus on their individual points of struggle to better craft a well-rounded player.

Freedman commented, “From the skill level I’ve seen here, the basketball players of the Lassen County community will be fantastic.”