Lake Almanor has some of the many campsites available throughout Lassen and Plumas counties. File photo

Camping opportunities abound

Lassen and Plumas counties are full of beautiful scenery, perfect for exploring nature. Susanville resident Nolan Shaffer has lived most of his life in Susanville and enjoys camping at various different locations. Shaffer said some of his favorite places to camp are Lake Almanor, Antelope Lake and Taylor Lake.

“It’s good to get away from all the people, technology and social media,” said Shaffer. He said he feels that more people should get out and explore the outdoors and that it’s a great way to bond with family. “Everyone should camp once in awhile,” said Shaffer.

There are plenty of campgrounds in both counties. Some of the places people can enjoy camping are as follows:
• Eagle Lake
• Caribou Wilderness and Lassen National Park area
• Westwood area
• Chester area
• Lake Almanor
• Antelope Lake

Camping safety
According to the USDA website, those who go camping can help stay safe by doing the following:
• Pack a first aid kit
• Bring emergency supplies
• Check the weather before leaving
• Arrive early
• Check for hazards and avoid hazardous areas
• Inspect the camp site
• Build campfires in a safe area and make sure it’s always attended
• Pitch the tent in a safe spot
• Properly dispose of trash
• Use caution if using propane
• Watch for bugs
• Be cautious of wildlife
• Be aware of poisonous plants
• Practice good hygiene

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  • After camping at Eagle Lake I traveled into Susanville with 4 trash bags of Cans purchased at SSM. I didn’t even enter the BigFoot property when I was told to leave because I had WA plates. Not only was this illegal as I found out after filing a COMPLAINT with CA Recycle but their attitude of holier than thou was taken as a threat. The Lassen Co Chamber should be made aware that you can come to the area enjoy yourself but when you act responsible and clean your camp spot don’t enter the City Limits to RECYCLE…These individuals who work for BigFoot Recycling should be ashamed of yourselves.

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