Candidates, supporters take a deep breath: At least 1,500 more local ballots to count

Way back in 1973 as his New York Mets fought to secure a place in the post season, baseball legend Yogi Berra famously crowed, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

And so it is with yesterday’s local election. The Lassen County Clerk’s Office said the “final” designation in the election results reported on its website means that all the precinct ballots have been counted, but at least 1,500 ballots were turned in yesterday that have not yet been counted. And then there are the provisional ballots cast yesterday. And the office still has to wait seven to 10 days for ballots postmarked yesterday to arrive to be counted. And then there are signature verifications that have to be made as well. The canvass will start tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., and then there’s the 1 percent hand count to complete as well. The clerk’s office expects to issue an update on the results tomorrow. It’s a busy time at the county clerk’s office.

According to numbers posted on the Lassen County Clerk’s Office website, 3,660 ballots cast have been reported so far. There are 14,899 registered voters in Lassen County.

Lassen County Superior Court Judge
Bob Burns (2,091 votes, 60.14 percent) leads Traci Witry (1,362 votes, 39.17 percent).

Supervisor District 1
Mike Scanlan (491 votes, 53.54 percent) leads Chris Cole (420 votes (45.80 percent).

Supervisor District 2
Incumbent Gary Bridges (319 votes, 60.76 percent) leads Thomas Herrera (204 votes, 38.86 percent).

Susanville City Council
The top three vote-getters will be elected. So far — Dawn Miller (604 votes, 26.83 percent), Patrick Parrish (563 votes, 25.01 percent), Curtis Bortle (543 votes, 24.12 percent) and Maria Fregulia (508 votes, 22.57 percent).

Measure T
The voters clearly rejected Measure T, a non-binding advisory only vote for the Lassen County Board of Supervisors regarding the creation of Director of Finance (consolidating the offices of the Lassen County Auditor, Controller, Treasurer and Tax Collector) — No (2,640 votes (76.63 percent) and Yes (805 votes, 23.37 percwnt).

Measure U
The voters also rejected Measure U, a non-binding advisory only vote for the Lassen County Board of Supervisors regarding the appointment of the Director of Finance — No, (2,424 votes, 72.75 percent) and Yes (908 votes, 27.25 percent).

United States Representative (Lassen County votes)
Incumbent Doug LaMalfa leads (2,763 votes, 78.76 percent), Rose Penelope Yee (534 votes, 14.94 percent) and Mike Doran (211 votes, 6.01 percent).

Unofficial statewide votes — Doug LaMalfa (59,586 votes, 64.4 percent). Rose Penelope Yee (22,305 votes, 24. 1 percent) and Mike Doran (10,680 votes, 11.5 percent).

State Senate District 1 (Lassen County votes)
Megan Dahle leads (2,762 votes, 82.69 percent) David Fennell (513 votes, 15.63 percent).

Unofficial statewide votes — Megan Dahle (78,489 votes, 76.9 percent) and David Fennell (23,528 votes, 23.1 percent)

State Assembly District 1 (Lassen County votes)
Heather Hadwick leads (1,358 votes, 43.47 percent), Tenessa Audette (828 votes, 26.50 percent), Mark Mezzano (656 votes, 21 percent) and Melissa Hunt (214 votes, 6.85 percent).

Unofficial statewide votes — Heather Hadwich (22,666 votes, 36.2 percent), Tenessa Audette (19,122 votes, 30.6 percent), Mark Mezzano (14,940 votes, 23.9 percent) and Mel;issa Hunt (5,807 votes, 9.3 percent).

United States Senate, full term (Lassen County votes)
Steve Garvey (2,110 votes, 61.48 percent) and Adam Schiff (434 votes, 12.65 percent).

Unofficial statewide votes — Adam Schiff (1.2 million votes, 33.2 percent) and Steve Garvey (1.2 million votes, 32.4 percent).

United State Senate, partial term (Lassen County votes)
Steve Garvey, 2,127 votes, 61.71 percent and Eric Early

Unofficial statewide votes — Steve Garvey (1.3 million votes, 34.6 percent) and Adam Schiff (1.2 million votes, 30.8 percent.

Republican Presidential Preference (Lassen County votes)
Donald J. Trump, (2,072 votes, 86.99 percent).

Unofficial statewide votes — Donald J. Trump (1 million votes, 78.6 percent).

Democrat Presidential Preference (Lassen County votes)
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (569 votes (83.68 percent).

Unofficial statewide votes — Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (1.6 million votes, 89.4 percent).