The Lady Cardinals finished the league with an 11-1 season. Assistant coach Rich Clay, back left, Kloee Gray, Mikenzy Frye, head coach Josh Razmus, Morgen White, center left, Yaneli Rodriguez, Savanna Miller, Hope Dodgen, front left, and Haylen White. Photo submitted

Cardinals take down king of the jungle

The Lady Cardinals have dominated during the NSCIF Girls Basketball Division VII Tournament with their latest victim being the Providence Lions on Friday, Feb. 24.

After defeating the Princeton Eagles 61-25 in the first round of the playoffs, the Lady Cardinals were ready to finish off the lions 70-58 for round two.

Prior to meeting their doom at the hands of Big Valley, the Providence Lions won their first round of playoffs 54-53 against Butte Valley.

The Feb. 24 game started with a fair boost in favor of the Lady Cardinals. The first quarter finished with 16-11 on the board, but the Lions were still confident they could catch up.

Despite their best efforts, the Lions only managed to gain a mere 15 points in the second quarter. While this more than doubled their score from the first quarter, it did not grant Providence the lead as Big Valley was up to 34 points by halftime.

The 34-26 Cardinal score prompted Big Valley to take it easy in quarter three. While the Lions had some impressive glares, the Lady Cardinals were sure Providence only carried empty threats.

This was Big Valley’s big mistake.

The ladies of Big Valley gained 13 points throughout the third quarter, but their gain was the root of no celebration as the Lions outscored Big Valley with a total point gain of 23.

Not only did the Lions leave the Big Valley girls with mouths agape from their third quarter success, but they also managed to steal the lead with 50-47 on the board.

With a win almost certainly secured for Providence, the Lions continued to give the game their all in the final quarter.

However, to the delight of Lady Cardinal fans, the Big Valley ladies took the break between quarters to reevaluate their moves on the quart.

The final quarter saw some great defensive moves from the Cardinals. Despite Lion roars and attempted passes, Providence finished the quarter with a mere nine points added to their score.

With outstanding offense ushering the Cardinals to a 23-point gain in the fourth quarter alone, Big Valley finished the game with a total of 70 points on the board.

The game was called with 70-58 on the board, and thus the Lady Cardinals took flight for the championship game against Hayfork on Thursday, March 2.

Throughout the Feb. 24 game, the top scorer for Big Valley was Mikenzy Frye with 23 points in total.

Frye made one of three attempted free throws and scored the remainder of her points via two-point field goals.

Next on the board was Savanna Miller with 19 points in total. Miller made four three-pointers, one free throw and three two-point field goals.

Miller’s performance earned her the title of Girls Basketball Player of the Game.

Morgen White made 11 points for the Lady Cardinals with three of eight attempted free throws and the remainder of her points earned via two-point baskets.

Kloee Gray made nine points via three free throws and three two-point field goals.

Hope Dodgen scored six points via three baskets, and Haylen White scored two of four attempted free throws.

Big Valley entered their game against Hayfork with a 16-7 record on the campaign. Hayfork entered with a record of 12-13.