CDCR releases CCC closure information

Information about the closure of the California Correctional center in Susanville is available at

CDCR announced “the complete closure of CCC by June 30, 2023.

CDCR advises readers the timelines are “subject to change based upon negotiations with labor organizations and pending the approval of the California Department of Human Resources.”

Seniority Score Verification and Discrepancy Notifications
According to the CDCR website, Seniority Score Verification and Discrepancy Notifications will be issued to staff at both Susanville prisons — CCC and High Desert State Prison by Oct. 3. Representatives from CDCR and California Correctional Health Services will visit both CCC and HDSP to help employees make their way through the processes Oct. 12-13. Preliminary seniority scores will be post in October and November.

Voluntary Transfer Process
Voluntary Transfer Process worksheets will be issued to staff by Oct. 31. CDCR/CCHCS staff will be “onsite” to discuss transfer procedures the week of Nov. 7. Staff will be notified of the results of the VTP to “secure a future permanent position outside of the impacted county” during November and December. Physical report dates will be announced in December and January.

Delayed Transfer Process (correctional officers only)
Previously completed DLT process for CO staff will occur in October. The Division of Adult Institution will work with local leadership to determine physical report dates in October and November.

Transfer Process for Correctional Sergeants and Lieutenants
According to CDCR, “This transfer process is a mitigation opportunity for CCC/HDSP Correctional Sergeants and Lieutenants to avoid layoff by voluntarily transferring to another work location.” DAI staff will be on site to provide information during November. Staff who receive a transfer award will secure a future permanent position outside the impacted county and will be provide information in November and December.

State Restrictions of Appointment/Surplus and Placement Process
State Restrictions of Appointment/Surplus notices will be posted February 2023. Remaining staff will be provided information on “bumping” February 2023. SROA/Surplus staff will be onsite to discuss options March 2, 2023. Employee Options Worksheets will be issued to impacted staff, SROA staff will be available to answer questions, the Seniority Score Listing will be finalized and Lassen County staff will be notified of the Employee Options Process in May 2023. Those unsuccessful in the Employee Options process will face layoff June 30, 2023.

Temporary Reassignments
As the incarcerated population at CCC is reduced, staff from CCC may be temporarily reassigned or placed on loan to HDSP based on operational needs. Such temporary reassignments are separate from any transfer process (VTP, DLT, Sergeant and Lieutenant Transfer Process) or layoff activities as employees’ permanent positions will still be identified at CCC. As such, CCC employees, regardless of temporary assignments, will be afforded al applicable opportunities offered throughout the respective transfer processes and/or layoff activities.

Permanent Redirections
At any time, CCC staff may be permanently redirected to HDSP to achieve full class mitigation. Mitigation means if employees in a classification can be placed in positions at HDSP without risk of further being impacted by closure processes (i.e., if there are enough vacancies for al in the classification and no potential for “bumping”).