CEEE joins FAIR CA Coalition in calling for foundational change in California energy policy

The Coalition for Environmental Equity and Economics has joined the Fire Accountability Infrastructure for Ratepayers to add their environmental justice voice to FAIR’s growing coalition.

“We are proud to join the FAIR coalition because we believe, as they do, that California’s energy and climate change policy is driven by the selfishness and greed of PG&E’s special interest lobbyist. That needs to change,” said CEEE co-founder Esperanza Vielma.

FAIR CA is a coalition of organizations representing union workers, small businesses, environmental advocates, consumers, renters, affordability advocates and older adults. Like CEEE, they demand greater accountability from large, for-profit electric and gas utilities.

FAIR CA and CEEE are calling on Governor Gavin Newsom, the state Legislator, and the California Public Utilities Commission to address the following issues this legislative session:

  • Immediate and full pro-rata-reparation payments to wildfire victims. Fire victims need to receive their full immediately owed to them by PG&E.
  • A legislative repeal of the utility tax. The fixed charge hurts California working families who will pay a large monthly fee before using one kilowatt of electricity. California legislators need to carry a bill to repeal the tax this session.
  • Ratepayer transparency. A forensic audit by California’s independent and nonpartisan State Auditor of IOU expenditures to ensure they fully adhere to CPUC consumer protection rules.
  • Fair housing policies to combat homeless crisis. Faster utility connections to speed up housing construction, avoid delays, and ensure transparency in process reporting. PG&E consistently misses customer service dates; only 25-30 percent of projects will likely be met by 2023.
  • Reliable infrastructure and safety. Demand PG&E to upgrade and modernize the grid by implementing more economically feasible Green infrastructure such as microgrids, rooftop solar, and storage projects. These proven wildfire prevention solutions will reduce emergency costs and ensure long-term efficiency.
  • Small business fairness: Ensure equitable rates for small businesses. Small business ratepayers deserve a balanced choice that prioritizes both safety and affordability. Foster increased market competition within the existing utility monopoly.

“Our most immediate issue is repealing the onerous utility tax, but we agree that IOU-driven energy policies threaten working families in frontline communities. Current IOU policies are simply allowing the energy monopolies to ensure that they sacrifice no profits while working people foot the bill,” said Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Executive Director of Green the Church and co-founder of CEEE.

“The addition of CEEE to our coalition is a clear indication that grassroots advocates across California believe it’s time to stop the abuse of the energy monopolies by making them accountable to working families and not just Wall Street,” concluded Michael Quigley, the Executive Director of the FAIR CA coalition.

For more information, contact Leo Briones  at (323) 574-2524 or email info@ceeetruth.org.

Acout CEEE
CEEE is a project of Green the Church, the Environmental Coalition for Water  and the  Council of Mexican Federations in North America. Collectively, the groups represent environmental justice, Black church, and immigrant communities across California.