Census workers make door-to-door visits

With door-to-door visits by census takers now underway, the U.S. Census Bureau is informing Northern California households that they may also receive a follow-up visit to ensure everyone is counted.

So far 64.9 percent of all households have responded online, by phone or by mail, and another 17.5percent have been counted by census takers. In total, more than 82.4 percent of all housing units throughout the nation have been accounted for with one month left to be counted.

The Census Bureau updates its list of households that have responded daily. It is possible that a census taker will still visit the address as part of the quality assurance program even if a household has already responded.

The public is encouraged to answer the door and cooperate with census takers as they follow up.

For example, census takers are visiting households where there may be some confusion about the address. If the community’s addresses recently changed or the household responded with an address that does not match the Census Bureau’s address list, census takers will visit to verify the address and collect a response in person. If a census taker left a notice of their visit, you can respond online or by phone using the Census ID provided on the notice.

Households can still respond to the 2020 Census through Sept. 30 by going online at 2020census.gov, by phone at (844) 330-2020, or by completing and mailing back the paper questionnaire they received.