Change comes to City Hall

As this story posts, I’m down at City Hall.

Today we welcome three new city councilmembers and say goodbye to three others. The wheels of government may seem to turn slowly most of the time, but when an elected official’s term office ends, someone new suddenly enters to assume the awesome and important responsibility of representing the folks in their community.

I doubt there are many of us in the city of Susanville who agreed with every single decision our outgoing councilmembers made. That’s not unusual. Still, I for one want to take this opportunity to congratulate outgoing councilmembers Quincy McCourt, Thomas Herrera and Kevin Stafford for their time in office and their service to our community. I certainly hope you readers will join me.

I don’t have any greater access to them than anyone else simply because I’m a journalist, but I can tell you they have always made time for me and my questions when I asked. I believe they charted the best course they could envision for the city and executed their duties honestly and with honor. I respect any elected official who embodies those traits because that’s the most I can ask from them. Today I want to warmly and sincerely thank you all for steering our local ship of state.

As those three leave office, three new city councilmembers succeed them — Dawn Miller, Patrick Parrish and Curtis Bortle. It might not be too surprising to consider these newly seated elected officials may see a different path forward for the city. That’s not unusual, either. We don’t yet know how that tide will rise.

Just as the past council served with honesty and honor, I expect our new councilmembers will do the same.

So, as we welcome our new city councilmembers (and say goodbye to others), I trust they will do their best to make us proud.

Goodbye and thank you Quincy, Thomas and Kevin, and welcome Dawn, Patrick and Curtis.

All we need and expect from you is your very best.