Changes coming to Lassen Family Services

Angela Reed, executive director at Lassen Family Services, announces changes at the local nonprofit agency

According to a statement from Reed, “As we are transitioning in some positions, our newsletter was placed on hold, but do not fear, the newsletter will begin again in April! 😊

“I’m very excited to announce that along with the other services we provide to survivors, we now have funding to employ one full-time staff to assist the elderly/dependent victim/survivor population in their recovery process. This funding will expand on who we can serve so not only are we able to serve those that have suffered through domestic/sexual violence, but for this population, we can serve those that have been victimized by strangers and institutions, i.e., financial scams, IHSS workers and more.

“Further, we can serve family members that are assisting survivors through their victimization.

More importantly though, is the outreach and education that we each provide to our partners and community members, because as we know, prevention is our key to a healthy future. With that said, Lassen Family Services will begin hosting monthly Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings to coordinate services, discuss the things that are great, and the things we can do even better.

“MDT meetings will be held at Lassen Family Services at 9:30 a.m. the third Thursday of every month. If you would like to attend, please call Rhonda at (530) 257-5459.”