Charter bus rates rise

Charter rates for the Lassen Rural Bus just got a bit higher.

The Lassen Rural Transit Agency and the LRB set their charter rates annually by a resolution. At the LTSA’s July 11 meeting, the board unanimously adopted the new rates. The charter rates are reviewed semiannually to determine variations in actual costs and if needed, brings rate adjustments to the agency.

Charter rates are calculated using the 2019-2020 contracted operator Vehicle Service Hourly rate, operations overhead costs, as well as fleet vehicle depreciation rates.

LTSA transportation planner David Knaut presented the item to the agency and was signed off by executive director Larry Millar.

Knaut told the board the rate increase was due to the rise of gasoline and contract increases.

The new charter rates were approved as follows:
Charter services hourly rates are jumping from $95 to $98.
Charter service “standby” hourly rate increased to $88 from $85.
Charter service “overtime” hourly rate went from $110 to $112.
Charter service “standby overtime” went from $100 to $101.
Charter service “direct cost” hourly rates jumped from $56 to $58.
Charter service “direct cost standby” hourly rates went from $48 to $48.50.
Charter service administrative charge per hour will cost the same, at $43.58.