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In re the Estate of Robert E. Lund

Case No. RP16806999

Superior Court of the State of California

County of Alameda

  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, subject to confirmation by this court (located at 2120 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, in Department 201), on January 30, 2018, at 9:30 a.m., or thereafter within the time allowed by law, LILLIAN LUND, as Administrator of the Estate of Robert E. Lund, will sell at private sale to the highest and best net bidder, on the terms and conditions stated below, all right, title and interest of the decedent at the time of death and all right, title, and interest that the estate has acquired in addition to that of the decedent at the time of death, in the real property located in PLUMAS COUNTY, California.
  2. The property is commonly referred to as 1301 Peninsular Drive, Lake Almanor, CA 96137 (APN: 102-054-003), and is more fully described as follows:

The real property situated in the UNINCORPORATED AREA, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, County of Plumas, LOT 77, in BLOCK 2, as shown on the MAP of LAKE ALMANOR COUNTRY CLUB, UNIT #4, Filed August 9th, 1959, in the Office of the PLUMAS COUNTY RECORDER in BOOK 2 of MAPS at PAGE 5.

  1. The property will be sold subject to current taxes, covenants, restrictions, reservations, rights, rights of way, and easements of record.
  2. The property is to be sold on an “as is” basis, except for title.
  3. The personal representative has given an exclusive listing to JOHN DEJONG of Lake Almanor Brokers, 452 Peninsula Drive, Lake Almanor, CA 96137.
  4. Bids or other offers are invited for this property. They must be in writing and can be mailed to Cara E. Lankford of the KORN LAW GROUP, attorney for the Administrator, located at 23 Altarinda Road, Suite 215, Orinda, CA 94563 or delivered to Cara E. Lankford personally, at any time after December 13, 2017 of this notice and before any sale is made.
  5. The property will be sold on the following terms: Cash, or part cash and part credit, the terms of such credit to be acceptable to the undersigned and to the court, 10% of the amount of the bid to accompany the offer by certified check, and the balance to be paid on confirmation of sale by the court.
  6. Taxes, rents, operating and maintenance expenses, homeowners/country club dues, and premiums on insurance acceptable to the purchaser shall be prorated as of the date of the recording of the conveyance. Escrow charges, examination of title, recording of conveyance, transfer taxes, and any title insurance shall beat the expense of the purchaser.
  7. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
  8. For further information and bid forms, contact attorney Cara E. Lankford, as follows:

Cara E. Lankford, KORN LAW GROUP, 23 Altarinda Road, Suite 215, Orinda, CA 94563; Telephone: 925-253-1808; Fax: 925-386-0831.

/s/Lillian Lund, Administrator of the Estate of Robert E. Lund

Date: Dec. 1, 2017


/s/Cara E. Lankford, attorneys for Administrator Lillian Lund.

Date: Dec. 1, 2017

Published CP,

Dec. 13, 20, 27, 2017|