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This notice is to announce two vacancies occurred on the following board: Hamilton Branch Fire Proteçtion District to fill vacancies of Bruce McGillivray whose term ends on December 2017 and Dennis Clark whose term ends on December 6, 2019.

The remaining Hamilton Branch Fire Protection District Board Members plan to fill the vacancies created by the resignation of Bruce McGillivray and Dennis Clark. The appointed individuals will hold office until the next Uniform District Election.

In compliance with the Maddy Appointive Registry, these appointments can be made on or after September 12, 2017.

For further information on the qualifications for this position, contact the District office at (530) 596-3458 or (530) 259-2306.

Date Posted: August 10, 2017

Signed: Gary Pini, Fire Chief

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Aug. 23, Aug. 30, 2017|


High Lakes Motorized Trail Re-routes and Staging Area Improvements Project Environmental Assessment

USDA Forest Service

Lassen National Forest

Almanor Ranger district

Plumas County, California

Notice of Objection: High Lakes Motorized Trail Re-routes and Staging Area Improvements Project

A Final Environmental Assessment (FEA) and a draft Decision Notice/Finding Of No significant Impact (DN/FONSI) for the above project are available for review and opportunity to object. This pre-decisional objection period is intended to provide those interested in or affected by this action an opportunity to make their concerns known prior to a decision being made. The project is located in the Mt. Hope management area (MA 47), of the Lassen National Forest (LNF), Plumas County, California, Township 25 North, Range 5 East, Section 15 and Township 25 North, Range 6 East, Sections 19, 28, 29, and 30. Copies of the FEA and draft DN/FONSI are available at the Almanor Ranger District Office at 900 E. Highway 36 in Chester, California or can be obtained at website The Responsible Official, Erick Stemmerman, intends to select Alternative 1: Modified Proposed Action, which includes 1) improvements to deteriorating trails; 2) improvements to off-trail areas and a staging area where, under current conditions, advanced erosion, compaction, sedimentation and sanitation problems are ongoing; and 3) continuing to provide off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation opportunities in the High Lakes area of the Lassen National Forest. Additional information regarding these environmental documents and/or the predecisional administrative review process (objection) can be obtained from Matt Cerney at or by calling (530) 258-2141.

Opportunity to Object: This trail re-route, erosion mitigation, and staging area improvement project is subject to the pre-decisional objection process pursuant to 36 CFR 218, Subparts A & B. It is not subject to the appeal procedures found at 36 CFR 215. Only those individuals and organizations who previously submitted timely, specific written comments regarding a proposed project or activity during scoping or any other instance where the responsible official solicited written comments, have standing to file an objection (36 CFR 218.5(a)).

Notices of objection must meet the specific content requirements of 36 CFR 218.8. Written objections, including attachments, must be filed (regular mail, fax, e-mail, hand-delivery, express delivery, or messenger service) with the appropriate Reviewing Officer within 45 days (36 CFR 218.26(a)) from the publication date of this notice in the Chester Progressive Newspaper. Objections sent by mail or delivery service must be postmarked by the closing date of the filing period. Objections must include:  1) name, address and telephone; 2) signature or other verification of authorship; 3) identify a single lead objector when applicable; 4) project name, Responsible Official name and title, and name of affected National Forest(s) and/or Ranger District(s); 5) reasons for, and suggested remedies to resolve, your objections; and, 6) description of the connection between your objections and your prior comments (36 CFR 218.8(d)). Incorporation of documents by reference shall not be allowed with the exception of certain documents found at 36 CFR 218.8 (b). The publication date of this notice is the exclusive means for calculating the time period to file an objection (36 CFR 218.6(c). Those wishing to object should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source.

Objections must be submitted to: Dave Hays, Reviewing Officer, Lassen National Forest, 2550 Riverside Drive, Susanville, CA 96130, (530) 257-2151. Objections may be submitted by FAX [530-252-6428] or by hand-delivery to the Forest Supervisor’s Office, at the address shown above, during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.Electronic objections may be submitted to with Subject: High Lakes Motorized Trail Re-routes and Staging Area Improvements Project Objection. The Responsible Official may not issue a decision for this project until the Reviewing Officer has responded to all pending objections. The Reviewing Officer shall issue a written response to the objector(s) concerning their objection(s) within 45 days following the end of the objection-filing period (36 CFR 218.26 (b)). When no objections are filed, the decision may occur on, but not before, the fifth business day following the end of the objection-filing period (36 CFR 218.12 (c)(2)).

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