CHP warns drivers of non-patrolled desert roads

Be wary of where you drive if attempting to avoid road closures, the Susanville CHP warned.

Due to the Dixie Fire, Highway 395 has experienced complete road closures and one way controlled traffic this week; however, the CHP noted some residents were attempting to drive through the desert roads as an alternate route.  Check the Caltrans website or the Susanville CHP Facebook page for updated road closure information. As of 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Highway 395 was open with one way traffic control in place between State Route 70 and County Road A3.

“It has come to our attention that several people have tried to cross the desert in Nevada to reach Reno and have broken down en-route. Please be aware that these roads are not patrolled and that no services exist along them. If you choose to travel in the desert, please remember to bring water, food, and blankets, and supplies for an overnighter in the desert. The roads are currently in very poor condition and be prepared for flat tires, break-downs, and extremely slow speeds. If you do break down, and happen to find cell service, Washoe County Sheriff’s office number  is (775) 785-WCSO,” shared the local agency.