Chris Cole, Lassen County Supervisor, District 1

Chris Cole

Lassen County faces crisis. We need bold changes to face our shared challenges. We have budget issues, social issues and most importantly public safety issues challenging our way of life, which we must preserve. But to do that, we need to work together. We need to set aside our differences and set our sights on securing Lassen County’s future. I’ve been fortunate to have a vast array of experiences which will help me be an effective supervisor on your behalf. I spent more than a decade in the tourism and hospitality industry here, and as the former news director for 93.3 JDX and 1240 KSUE, I have forged strong relationships within our community.

I have a proven record of supporting local law enforcement, with whom I maintain an excellent relationship. I’m honored to have the endorsement of the Susanville Police Officer’s Association. The boots on the ground of their organization know that I have been steadfast in supporting them, not with words but with my time and effort. It is my intention to fight for the deputies of our Lassen County Sheriff’s Office every bit as hard. They deserve better pay and better insurance. When CCC was closing, I worked with the community to garner extensive media coverage in Lassen County to get the word out. I have strongly advocated against the cartels whose illegal marijuana grows are destroying our lands. Many farmers and ranchers will tell you that about me.

If elected, I’ll work to better serve underserved communities like Westwood, Clear Creek, Spalding and Lake Forest. You deserve an active and available supervisor. I will push for stronger code enforcement, fight for our farmers and ranchers, defend our 2nd amendment rights and encourage the board to better utilize our tourism appeal (our natural beauty, our hiking trails, the city’s golf course, etc.) as an economic engine.

That said, tourism alone will not get the job done. I will also explore avenues for community-supported economic development which will positively impact our community and expand our tax base. Once we’ve done that, we can better fund county departments. I will represent EVERY District 1 resident, not just the people who voted for me or share my political beliefs.

Win or lose, I will be able to say one thing with pride at the end of this election: I ran a clean campaign and focused on the issues. I exclusively spoke with residents about why they should vote for me, not why they shouldn’t vote for my opponent.

It would be an honor to be elected as your servant for District 1 on the Lassen County Board of Supervisors.