City adopts updated fireworks regulations

City residents should note the changes to local fireworks regulations. The Susanville Municipal Code has been updated.

The use and sales of fireworks is governed by Susanville Municipal Code 848. If you would like to read the code in its entirety — it is linked on the city’s Facebook page, and the city’s website at

This update to the Susanville Municipal Code includes definitions. inclusions of CCR Title 19 Fireworks Law, reorganization ;of the section and provides social host liability for illegal fireworks.

This will allow the fire department, law enforcement and code enforcement personnel to hold the owner or person in charge of real propertv or conducting an illegal fireworks event responsible for an response costs associated with the presence of emergency personnel, the discharge of illegal fireworks property and any aiding and abetting the discharge of illegal fireworks on an adjacent public right of way.

This ordinance is not meant to place a burden on property owners but is intended to mitigate and reduce the negative impact of illegal fireworks on our community. We highly encourage all member of the community to read the updated code nuts entirety. It is linked on the city’s Facebook page, and its website at