City approves police services agreement

The Susanville City Council approved an agreement for dedicated police services to be utilized at specific locations and events throughout the city at $63 per hour. The agreement allows Police Chief Kevin Jones authorization to sign-off on agreements.

The reason for the agreement being brought before the council was for the police department to be able to sign agreements for services without having to coincide those services with city council meetings. However, the department would work with the city attorney to still “dot the I’s and cross the T’s ,” said Jones.

Although requests came mainly from the high school and college, the department doesn’t receive too many requests for services, Jones told the council.

“The reason for this is … if a special liquor license comes in (for approval) the police chief has the authority to say you’ll have support through security.”

“The only reason this is there is for efficiency,” Jones clarified, “that doesn’t mean you’ll have security from the police department, but you can contact a private security person, go the sheriff’s office or they have the ability to go with us.”