City asks residents to conserve water, ‘extreme decrease’ experienced in storage tanks

The city of Susanville on Wednesday asked residents to conserve water for the next few days after a water shortage was discovered in the storage tanks.

“This morning, the city of Susanville Water Department experienced an anomaly to the water storage tanks that supplies city residents. An extreme decrease in the city’s water supply has been discovered.

“All wells are operational, but barely maintaining the minimum water level as would typically be stored. This could be a result of the recent heatwave and an incredible increase in water usage, or it could be an indication of a leak somewhere in the system,” read the Wednesday statement from the city.

“Until we can resolve the problem, we are asking everyone that uses city water conserve as much as possible for the next several days. We also ask for your help in identifying any excess water you might see around the city that might lead us to a leakage,” the statement continued.

You can report any signs of water to the Public Works Department at 257-1041 or City Hall at 252-5100.

“We will provide an update as they become available. The city thanks you for your help in this matter,” concluded the statement.