City begins recruitment campaign for new economic development position

On Wednesday, June 8, the city of Susanville announced the recruitment campaign for a new economic development director has begun. The cost of the position will be shared by the city and the Susanville Indian Rancheria.

According to a statement from the city, “This recruitment can be located on the city’s website under the Human Resources tab accompanied by the full job description. Applications for this position are due by 4 p.m. July 7, 2023.”

Here’s the information from the brochure
The city of Susanville invites applications for the position of Economic Development Director. The city of Susanville is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications are due by 4 p.m. July 7, 2023. To be considered for this opportunity, applicants must submit a cover letter, resume and City Standard Application in person or via email to, or by mail to the following address: City of Susanville, 66 N. Lassen St., Susanville, CA 96130. Standard applications and more information about this position can be found on the human resources page of the city’s website, Economic Development Director.

About the position: The city of Susanville, in partnership with the Susanville Indian Rancheria, is excited to offer its first Economic Development Director position. This exciting opportunity will provide the successful candidate with an opportunity to build an economic development program in close partnership with local governments including the sovereign nation that is the Susanville Indian Rancheria.

The Economic Development Director will manage the city’s Economic Development programs. The Economic Development Department is new and currently funded to fill the Economic Development Director position and one part-time Administrative Staff Assistant through June 30, 2026. Supported by a memorandum of understanding between the city of Susanville and the Susanville Indian Rancheria. The program may be extended based on funding and agreement of both parties.

This department’s budget will include $50,000 annual funding for consultant support. The Economic Development Director will be instrumental in guiding the city’s economic development strategies, working closely with all city staff, and stakeholders and providing recommendations to the City Administrator.

The successful candidate will be a self-starter who can build and foster interagency relationships through collaboration and effective leadership.

The Economic Development Director is expected to engage the community through various media platforms, make recommendations to optimize community engagement, and collaboratively lead the development of the city’s Economic Development Implementation Plan.

About the Organization: Susanville is a full-service city offering its employees fulfilling work in a progressive environment.

Civic Engagement: Working for the city of Susanville allows you to actively contribute to the well-being and development of your local community. You can play a direct role in shaping and improving city’s services, infrastructure, and quality of life for its residents.

Variety of Roles and Opportunities: The city of Susanville employs individuals across a wide range of departments and functions, including administration, public safety, public works, planning, recreation and more. This provides diverse job experiences and the potential to explore different areas of interest or develop specialized skills.

Collaboration and Teamwork: The city of Susanville fosters a collaborative work environment, encouraging teamwork and cooperation among employees. You will have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues who share a common goal of serving our community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

Professional Development: The city of Susanville provides opportunities for professional growth and development through training programs, workshops and educational support. These initiatives can help you enhance your skills, acquire new knowledge and advance your career within the organization.

Employee Support and Recognition: The city of Susanville has policies and programs in place to support its employees’ well-being and recognize their contributions. This includes employee assistance programs, wellness initiatives, employee appreciation events and recognition for outstanding performance.

To learn more about this job opportunity and view a complete job description, visit the Human Resources page on the city’s website:

Salary and Benefits: The city of Susanville provides excellent benefits including financial support towards continuing education, longevity pay, paid State Disability Insurance as well as the following benefits:

Annual salary: $89,426 to $132,123, placement within this range is dependent on qualifications and experience.

Retirement: The city participates in the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. For legacy members the benefit level is 3 percent at 60 with a contribution rate of 9 percent of gross pay per period. For new members, the benefit level is 2 percent at 62 with a current employee contribution rate of 6.75 percent of gross salary per pay period.

Employer Paid Member Contribution: The city pays and reports the value of EPMC to CalPERS as additional compensation. New employees as defined by the CalPERS hired after Jan. 1, 2013 will be subject to the mandatory provisions of AB340/pepra.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance: 90/10 plan provided through Anthem Blue Cross as well as Dental and Vision coverage. The policy covers employee, spouses, and any eligible dependents, with the current employee contribution of $46 per month.

Life Insurance: $25,000 term life insurance policy.

Deferred Compensation Plan: Voluntary plans available including IRS section 125 Flexible Benefit Plan with city contribution of $40 per pay period.

Flexible Benefits: $400 annually General Leave: Holidays: 14 paid holidays and 1 annual birthday holiday; Vacation: accrued at 136 hours in first year of service; 160 hours after five years of service; 200 hours after 10 years of service; 240 after 15 full years of service.

Management Leave: Eight hours per fiscal year,
3.69 hours accrued per pay period for a total of 12 days per year.