City council donates $1,000 for Chamber’s Christmas fireworks show

The Susanville City Council unanimously approved a donation of $1,000 to the Lassen County Chamber of Commerce for the annual Magical County Christmas fireworks show in Uptown Susanville Saturday, Dec. 2.

The contribution came from the city’s Civic Contribution Fund. According to City Administrator Dan Newton, the city budgets roughly $10,000 for the fund each year with $5,000 being allotted and shared by the five city councilmembers in the discretionary budgets. Donations made by the councilmembers must be approved by the council. The council also approved a $550 donation suggested by councilmember Kevin Stafford for a picnic bench at the Lassen County Fairgrounds.

After the contributions, Councilmembers Mendy Schuster and Stafford have $500 left in their discretiony funds, Mayor Quincy McCourt has $1,000 and the city has approximately $3,500. Three councilmembers had previously made contributions for the Lassen High School Homecoming Parade — Schuster, $500, Brown, $1,000 and Mayor Pro-Tem Thomas Herrera, $1,000.

Smoke Free High Country Presentation
Did you know Lassen County ranks 48 of 58 California counties as one of the least healthy counties in the state? That’s according a flyer distributed by Amada Berryhill from Smoke Free High County as she made a presentation to the Susanville City Council regarding a recnet Susanville Tobacco Retailers Profile.

According to Berryhill, 15 stores in Susanville sell tobacco, including six of 15 that are within 1,000 feet of schools. According to her statistics, 83 percent of those stores sell small pack or single cigars; 31 percent of stores display tobacco price promotions; the lowest price in stores for cigarettes was $6.89.

She said Lassen County residents support retail policies: 72 percent agree cheap tobacco products make it easier for youth to try them; 45 percent support setting a higher minimum price for tobacco products; 41 percent support the ban of discounts and selling small packs of tobacco products.

For more information visit healthcollaborative.ore/smoke-free-high-country.

Business From The Floor
Proposed Apartment Complex
Susanville resident Patty Parker addressed the board regarding a proposed apartment project near Skyline and Numa discussed at the Nov. 14 Susanville Planning Commission meeting. She said homeowners were never notified of the project as she believed was required. She complained about parking issues, water issues in the neighborhood and the new Susanville Indian Rancheria project.

“We don’t want it,” she said.

Lassen Family Services
A representative from Lassen Family Services said the nonprofit agency seeks individuals and businesses that would like to support them in their efforts to serve victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence in Lassen County. For more information, call LFS at (530) 257-5004.

Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Dan Douglas provided information about Firewise Communities. He said the community has to renew its status every year and consider risk assessment and a community action plan. One of the needs that has to be accomplished this year is to form a governing board. He said CalFire has taken over at the state level, and the agency is more a stickler for detail. He said he can’t file as a Firewise Community without a board that has to meet at least once every year. He asked the city council members to consider joining the board.

Consent Calendar
The council unanimously approved its consent calendar (minutes of the Nov. 1 meeting and vendor and payroll warrants).

Other Actions
Susanville Planning Commission
The council unanimously approved the reappointment of Rod DeBoer and Tony Ardito to the commission to four-year terms and appointed an alternate member as well.

Sacred Heart Church Procession
The council unanimously approved street closures for the Sacred Heart Church Procession in hour of Our Lady of Guadalupe from noon to 1 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 10.