City Council holds special meeting Tuesday evening to approve expenditure of ARPA funds for city needs — discussion only on other ARPA proposals

With about $2.65 million in unexpended American Rescue Plan Act money available for community projects, the Susanville City Council hosts a special meeting at 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 23, in the City Council Chambers, 66 N. Lassen St.

The council will consider adoption of Resolution No. 24-6304, “approving expenditure of ARPA funds for infrastructure improvements, general plan update and marketed as presented in proposed ARPA Expenditure Plan. Consider direction to staff regarding providing ARPA funds for private non-profit entities for community benefit.”

If approved, the city would allocate $75,000 for interior repairs at the Susanville City Hall; $520,000 for repairs and replacement of the roof and heating system at the Susanville Fire Department; $250,000 for interior and exterior improvements and roof repair at the Susanville Police Department; $159,000 for a marketing campaign to promote economic recovery and tourism in Susanville; and $200,00 (50 percent of the cost) to update the city’s General Plan.

The city manager is authorized to execute agreements, contracts or other necessary documents and to ensure the allocation of the funds is consistent with guidelines and regulations, and the finance director is authorized to make necessary budget modifications.

According to the city’s Proposed ARPA Expenditure Plan, the city received $3.59 million in ARPA funds “during a time of financial crisis for the city, when the city was facing a $1.2 million deficit budget. Approximately $0.94 million in ARPA funds have been expended for items such as operating capital, essential worker premium pay and numerous smaller items. The city has $2.65 million in ARPA funds remaining for disbursement.

“The intended use of ARPA funds encompasses an approach aimed at addressing pressing needs, fostering recovery, and promoting long-term resilience within our community. These funds were earmarked for a variety of critical purposes, including but not limited to economic revitalization, public health initiatives, infrastructure improvements, and support for vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, this proposal allocates ARPA funds towards stimulating local businesses and enhancing infrastructure and services. Through strategic allocation and responsible stewardship of ARPA funds, we aim to build a stronger, more resilient community that is better equipped to thrive in the face of future challenges.”

The council also will consider Resolution No. 24-6303 amending the Susanville City Council Committee list.

Click here to see the agenda.