City Council joins world record attempt in Susanville

If all goes according to plan, a Susanville grandfather and grandson could set a world’s record on a little used street on the north end of town later this month.

That’s right, by a 4-0 vote the Susanville City Council approved Resolution No. 21-5916 at its Wednesday, Sept. 1 meeting closing Anderson Drive from 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept 18 through 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 19 to allow an attempt to set the longest Hot Wheels track record for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Here’s a poster for the record setting attempt. Graphic submitted

Mayor Mendy Schuster and councilmembers Brian Moore, Quincy McCourt and Kevin Stafford approved the resolution and agreed to pay the estimated $300 in cost to close the road. Councilmember Thomas Herrera was absent. The cost will pay the cost through the city’s Street 2007 fund.

According to the staff report, “Tim Trevitt and his grandson Mason Gonzales want to attempt to make a Guinness World Record (by constructing the world’s) longest Hot Wheels track. They feel that Anderson Drive is the perfect spot to attempt this and have asked the city if (it) can close Anderson Drive for the attempt. Anderson Drive does not serve any homes and only has one driveway that is easily detoured.”

Grandfather Tim Trevitt addresses the Susanville City Council Wednesday, Sept. 1. Photo by Sam Williams

According to a letter from Trevitt to the council, “I am requesting the use of Anderson Drive … for two days, Sept. 18 and 19. My grandson and I intend on making a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest hot wheels track. After a lot of research, Anderson Drive is long enough for us to break the record. Anderson Drive also has no traffic, no intersections, no driveways (and it) seems to be (the) safest location I can find. The use of Anderson Drive will allow us to break the record but also put Susanville in the Guinness book of World Records.”