City council provides Main Street update

The City of Susanville’s Public Works Director Dan Newton wants to share more of the city’s Main Street construction project developments with the community.

At the city council’s March 20 meeting, Newton said he wanted to do a “better job of getting the word out to our citizens in Susanville,” because the department has seen a growing frustration within the public in regard to the condition of the pavement on Main Street.

“So we went on the radio, we also started a Facebook page … we’ll be posting information on there as well,” said Newton. There is also a Facebook page for City Hall in the works.

Newton also proposed providing updates at every city council meeting.

Newton said, “We have two projects going on Main Street. The first one is the Caltrans CAPM project,” which is the same project started last spring, starting from the brake check location above Susanville through to the junction of Highway 36 and Highway 395.

“A lot of that work was done last year, but they omitted the work within the city limits as it related to the pavement operations due to the time that they started with the winter weather coming and some of the special events that we had planned for last year,” said Newton, “They did a lot of concrete work but weren’t able to get to the asphalt work.”

The project is still in winter suspension, but some curb inlet work is still currently getting done. Pavement work, however is anticipated to begin late April to early May, depending upon the cooperation of the weather.

The pavement work will be done at night, similar to last year’s Main Street work, which was done from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Two blocks will be completed per night. “They have to basically grind down all the asphalt that they’re going to replace and then replace it in one night shift,” said Newton.

The other work the city is continuing is the city water main replacement project, of which the city is in its second phase.

“Over the 2017-2018 winter, we did that water main section between Weatherlow and Park Street on Main Street,” said Newton, “That money came from our water rate infrastructure surcharge, and there wasn’t enough in the account available built up to do the entire segment of the old steel water main but with the delay of the Caltrans project, more of those funds had accumulated, so we were able to do that second piece which was from Park to Spring Street.”

Newton said that combined with the severe winter weather; the water main project was “causing a lot of those problems on Main Street.”

“We’ve had our contractor … out fixing some of those really bad areas with cold patch,” said Newton, “Their asphalt plant is in Chester and it’s covered in snow. But we have talked to the owner about purchasing asphalt from another source,” in order to do some of the repairs earlier rather than later.