City, Lassen High School District agree on School Resource Officer

The city of Susanville and the Lassen Union High School District reached an agreement continuing the School Resource Officer position for a two-year term, running through the last day of school in 2023.

According to the staff report, “Both agencies recognize the value the position within the community … Language has been added specifying that SRO will participate in welfare checks and truancy checks within the district’s boundary, no additional compensation will be provided for travel expenses outside of city limits; however, if travel expenses become excessive the district and city agree to meet and confer to mutually arrive at a resolution.

“Additionally, language contained within an addendum to the previous agreement has been added. This language allows the district to deduct $388.89 from quarterly payments for each day that the city does not provide an SRO with some limitations.”

According to the agreement, the city will be reimbursed up to $70,000.

According to the agreement, “The city and district agree the primary responsibility of the SRO is the safety of the students and staff on district grounds.

“The general duties of the SRO are to: (a) provide education, when appropriate, to district in the prevention, identification and control of crime and related issues; (b) establish an office of operations as the district property; (c) establish a scheduled presence at the district property during special events and athletic contests; (d) provide escorts upon request for staff, students and visitors to and from the district property; (e) conduct assessments of physical and procedural issues involving safety and security; (f) conduct meetings with district as needed; (g) assist administrative personnel in investigation of crimes committed on the district property; (h) assist in the reduction of truancy for the district; (i) tobacco education and enforcement on district property; (j) work to prevent juvenile delinquency; and (k) when necessary, collaborate with district staff to conduct interrogations, searches and seizures of students using the reasonable suspicion standard when initiated by district staff, and the probable cause standard when initiated by SRO.”