Susanville city administrator Jared Hancock, left, sits during the Wednesday, Aug. 16 City Council meeting, with city attorney Jessica Ryan and city clerk Gwena MacDonald. Photo by Sam Williams

City negotiates severance package for city administrator

Rumors that Jared Hancock, the Susanville City Administrator, would be leaving have circulated around Susanville for several weeks — and Hancock’s evaluation by the council has been on several closed session agendas.

At the city council’s Wednesday, Aug. 16 Jessica Ryan, the city’s attorney announced Hancock will be leaving his employment with the city, but she provided no explanation for that decision or any details regarding the severance package.

“The city council and the city administrator, Mr. Jared Hancock, in closed session, reached a mutual separation agreement,” Ryan said. “Mr. Hancock’s last day as city administrator will be Oct. 11, 2017. A press release will be issued soon, and the city council wishes to thank Mr. Hancock for his years of hard work on behalf of the city and for the city.”

There was no comment from the councilmembers or the public.

2 thoughts on “City negotiates severance package for city administrator

  • The city council reached a separation agreement….did they fire him or did he quit. Since the council is paying him with my money, I should know all the facts. Is it time to replace the city council? Starting to feel that many swamp members need to step down.

  • Maybe he could just write on a piece of paper a number that he thinks he is owed and then the City Council could send the police on a shake down raid on the citizenry for each of them to pay the man on a pro rata basis. There isn’t but 8000 citizens so $100 a person would probably assuage his ruffled feathers.

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