If all goes according to plan, the Susanville City Council will live stream its meetings on the city's website beginning May 3.

City plans to live stream its meetings on its own website beginning May 3

Great news for the public unable to attended Susanville City Council meeting — the city is installing a new audio-visual system today to enable it to live stream those meetings directly to the public.

Actually, the city has been live streaming its meetings on Facebook and while the initial broadcasts were plagued by a variety of technical issues, the broadcasts have improved greatly, but the city apparently felt they needed to be better.

City Administrator Dan Newtown announced the new development at the council’s Wednesday, April 19 meeting.

“We are planning to install our new AV equipment April 25,” Newton said during his administrator’s report to the council. “If everything goes well, we’ll be trying it out May 3. I think everything’s in, and we have our crew and contractor scheduled that day, so that will be a big change for us to improve the quality of our video and audio. We’ll be livestreaming the meetings on our own website, not using Facebook anymore, so that will be a big change for us. It should improve the quality quite a bit for people who can’t make the meetings and want to watch them from home.”