The Lassen Grizzly Claybreakers travel to Stockton, California on Saturday, April 8 to participate in a CYSSA series shoot. Jake McCart, back left, Austin Smith and Wyatt Spalding. Clay Cagle, front left, Jaycee Ballard, head coach Phil Giusti, Hunter Smith, Joe Winfrey, Garrett Mallery, Aiden Phillips, Rylee McCart, Noah Jones and coach Nate Spalding. Photo submitted

Claybreakers top podium in Stockton

On Saturday, April 8, 375 youth shooters converged in Stockton, California for the third CYSSA series shoot.

The shoot was a 100-target event, and the weather went from overcast to heavy rain to sunny skies all in an eight-hour period.

When the scores were tallied, Lassen senior and varsity team captain Noah Jones crushed 98 targets to stand on the top of the podium and receive the gold medal.

The balance of the varsity team turned in impressive scores, with sophomore

Noah Jones found his spot on the podium yet again for the Stockton shoot. Photo submitted

Garrett Mallery eliminating 91 targets, junior Wyatt Spalding with 89, senior Brittney Rohl in the thick of it with a score of 87, and Clay Cagle having to shoot with a borrowed gun but still coming up with an 83 score.

Aiden Phillips also shot with the varsity Claybreakers during the shoot.

The varsity high five came up with a score of 448 out of 500, their highest score yet for the season.

The team score placed the varsity squad second in the State of California for the shoot.

Head coach Phil Giusti remarked, “These guys and gals just keep getting better and better!”

For the junior varsity team, Joe Winfrey shined the brightest, breaking 91 targets, seemingly unaffected by the weather.

Freshman shooter Hunter Smith broke 86 targets. Sophomore Jake McCart, who juggles a very busy schedule of baseball and trap shooting, broke 79 targets.

Tyler Johnson, Rylee McCart, Jaycee Ballard and Austin Smith filled out the balance of the junior varsity team. The team’s high five score was 385 out of 500.

The junior varsity squad also placed second for their score in the state of California for the third series shoot.

Giusti said, “Our junior varsity are all up and coming, and even though they were down two targets from their last shoot in Davis, they just keep improving. I am so proud of every single kid on my team, as everyone just keeps working hard to get better and better.”