The board of directors for the Clear Creek Community Services District holds the certificates they received for completing “Board Member Best Practices” training sponsored by the California Special Districts Association. They are Jessica Greene, back left, Burt Cooper, Rod Twain, Judy Cooper and Cathy Hunter, seated.  Photo by Susan Cort Johnson

Clear Creek CSD board members attend training

The Clear Creek Community Services District has a website, which can be accessed at Nicki Moroney, general manager, made the announcement at the meeting of the board of directors Thursday, April 4.

Residents will find access to all public information on this website including the district’s rates, rules and regulations; contact information for board members and staff; financial information such as the budget and audits dating back three years; as well as current notices.

Currently a draft of the updated bylaws is available on the website to aid in public comment. This draft was approved at the April meeting after it was reviewed by board members and Robert Burns, Lassen County Counsel. A committee of two Clear Creek board members, Cathy Hunter and Judy Cooper, completed the updates. In addition to the posting of the draft document on the district’s website, residents can obtain a hardcopy of the draft bylaws at the district office. They can either stop by and pick one up or call to request that a copy of the bylaws be mailed.

Fire Chief John Hunter told board members he would install a new camera security system at the Clear Creek Fire Station in order to protect the district’s water supply, operating system and fire protection equipment. He said he structured the purchase to fit within the spending guidelines approved by the board at the March meeting.

He also reported that he had purchased five sets of turnouts for the volunteer firefighters with the money approved by the board at the March meeting. Hunter was given permission to spend the $7,000 in the clothing fund for the fire department on new turnouts. At the time of his request he said federal guidelines required they be replaced every 10 years and the turnouts used by Clear Creek volunteers were out of compliance.

Moroney reported that the Lassen County Fire Safe Council had reimbursed the district $1,371, which was the cost of the bins used for green waste during the 2018 event. At the March meeting, the board moved money from various categories to balance the budget because the district had not received the money. The oversight was corrected by the Fire Safe Council.

A budget meeting has been set for 10 a.m. Saturday, May 18 at the Clear Creek Fire Station. At that time the board will review the budget line by line and determine appropriations for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The fire chief, John Hunter, and the maintenance manager, JD Hackett, were asked to attend and help the board better understand the funding needs of the fire and water departments. It is a public meeting therefore residents are welcome to attend.

The board also picked the dates for the Clear Creek Community Green Waste Event which is June 5 through June 9. During this time period bins for green waste will be available at Clear Creek Park and assistance in hauling yard debris to the bins will be available. More information can be obtained from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, May 4 at the Clear Creek Fire Station during Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. Residents can pick up brochures on how to prepare their homes for wildfires and sign up for help clearing their property during the Green Waste Event.

The next meeting of the Clear Creek Community Services District board of directors is at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 2 at the fire station.