Clear Creek community members pick up brochures and track their efforts to clear their property of green waste during Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Saturday, May 4. The booth in front of the fire station was staffed by Clear Creek Volunteer Firefighters JD Hackett, left, Burt Cooper, Julie Raymond and Nicki Moroney. Photo submitted

Clear Creek department hosts wildfire preparedness day

Clear Creek volunteer firefighters handed out brochures Saturday, May 4, in front of the fire station on Highway 147 that explained how to protect houses and property from wildfires. It was one of a multitude of events across the United States for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.

The nationally recognized day is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association. Tips on preparedness include clearing pine needles and dry leaves; trimming shrubs and branches that come within five feet of the house; and moving anything that could act as a fuel source, such as woodpiles and lumber, 30 feet from the house so property cannot be ignited by floating embers.

Clear Creek is a member of Firewise USA, which is a program that provides a collaborative framework for residents to reduce wildfire risks. The Clear Creek Community Green Waste Event is June 5 to June 9. During this time period bins for green waste will be available at Clear Creek Park and assistance in hauling yard debris to the bins will be available.

During Wildfire Community Preparedness Day a sign-up sheet was available for seniors needing help clearing their property. Also residents logged the time and money they spent clearing their property of pine needles, cones, branches, etc., which is information required as part of the community’s recertification for Firewise USA status.

Volunteer firefighters JD Hackett, Burt Cooper, Julie Raymond and Nicki Moroney worked the booth from 9 a.m. to noon. Jessica Greene, a member of the Clear Creek board of directors, made Philly cheese steak sandwiches on the griddle for anyone who came to the event hungry.

Funds were also raised for the siren tower project, which will give Clear Creek an early warning system for evacuation when a wildfire threatens the community. Tickets for a pancake breakfast during the Clear Creek Crafts Fair July 13 to July 14 were sold, and a firefighter’s boot was available for cash donations to be dropped into.

The Clear Creek Firefighter’s Association is raising funds to reconstruct the wooden structure for the siren, address any electrical issues for the operation of the siren and test it to determine if repairs are needed. A bid from a licensed contractor to rebuild the tower was $8,500, but does not account for any unknown costs. Therefore members of the Firefighter’s Association have set a fundraising goal of $12,000.

A fundraiser thermometer has been placed in front of the firehouse to track the progress of donations in meeting the goal.