The view of the valley from Dead Man’s Curve Wednesday, June 12.

Cloudy morning hike to wake you up

After my recent hike up the Beaver Trail overlooking the Canyon Trail, I upped the elevation in this week’s hike.

Typically I have done my hikes in the afternoon, but I decided on an early morning adventure where the temp was cooler and the sun was hidden by a bit of overcast. My cousin Jacob again was my compatriot on the trails.

Before hitting our jumping off point we came across seven vultures perched on the fencing leading down the Canyon Trail, and they gave us an ominous feeling as we started our hike.

We began by going up the backside of Coyote Bluff. Reaching the top of the bluff we turned north then east heading down the Rattlesnake Trail.

The Rattlesnake Trail fits with its description with the trail winding back and forth in small intervals with two big switchbacks leading up to the Rim Loop Trail, which winds itself around the top of a hill where a small bench waits for those who wish to rest and soak up the view of the canyon below.

After a quick rest at the bench we made our way to a three-way fork in the road, where the Ringer Trail heads east then south toward the Beaver Trailm but we headed west on the Hot Shot trail.

Making our way up the trail we ran into Dead Man’s Curve where the trail hits an incredibly steep and narrow switch back.

We continued onward to The Wall Trail that sits precariously on a steep hillside and offered a view eastward of the city of Susanville and the surrounding area.

Following The Wall Trail we found ourselves back on the winding Rattlesnake Trail, where we headed again back to the top of Coyote Bluff.

We made our way down the Coyote Bluff Trail where we planned to come out of the forest and cross the meadow but with the cows out to pasture the trail was fenced off to block off access.

It was a small detour following the trail on the bottom eastside of Coyote Bluff where we made our way back to the parking lot to end our over 3 hour hike.
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