Collective ‘People Power’ can help bring peace

Share International USA, a non-profit educational organization, announced today the start of a daily prayer/meditation vigil designed to engage the power of the people to bring peace in the current Russia/Ukraine conflict as well as all others ongoing worldwide. Share International believes that the energetic power of thousands of people joining together consciously in an inner appeal for peace and the help of a higher power — whatever that might be for each individual—can begin to shift the balance between war and peace.

All people and organizations of goodwill are invited and encouraged to participate in this effort — many are already doing so independently — in order to create a unified voice and exponentially increase its effectiveness. To participate, individuals and members of religious, spiritual, or other humanitarian organizations everywhere are asked to spend at least 5 minutes at the same time each day — at whatever hour is convenient — to think, pray or meditate upon peace, justice, freedom, and sustenance for all beings, and to ask for divine help. This non-religious campaign is meant for all people of goodwill, based on a communally held belief that a realm higher than the human exists and is responsive to our needs.

About Share International USA
Share International USA was formed in 1982 to present information about the imminent appearance in our everyday world of a group of perfected individuals known as the Masters of Wisdom, and their leader, Maitreya, the World Teacher for the Age just beginning. As the guides and keepers of the Earth’s plan of evolution, they have long worked behind the scenes to inspire and stimulate cooperation, mutual respect, economic and social justice, and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Now, however, they are ready to come forward and work openly to better assist with the cascade of crises created by a still-learning humanity.  

According to Share International, the Masters’ appearance in the everyday world is dependent on many complex factors, but humanity’s readiness to end all warfare and relate to each other as members of one human family will allow them to help us openly without infringing our free will. The End All War campaign is designed to signal that we are truly ready to accept their help and guidance, and the wider the participation in this or similar efforts, the sooner they can work among us. Belief in Share International’s information is not required; a simple call to whatever higher power an individual recognizes will be heard. The campaign will continue for as long as it’s needed.

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