College board announces administrative changes

In an unexpected turn of events during the closed session of the March 12 Lassen Community College Board of Trustees meeting, the board did not renew the contracts of three administrators.

In a statement from Dr. Marlon Hall, LCC president/ superintendent, Hall told the newspaper the board decided to not renew the contracts of three individuals. However, Hall wrote, “Lassen Community College thanks those individuals for their time at LCC and wishes those individuals success in their future endeavors.”

The three administrators are LCC Vice President of Academic Services, Dr. Gregory South, Vice President of Academic Services, Dave Clausen and Dean of Student Services, Patrick Walton.

According to an email sent to LCC staff, the three individuals have been placed on administrative leave for the duration of their contracts, due to end June 30 of this year.

In the same email to staff, Hall wrote, “I want to tell you that these changes were necessary to maximize the continued potential of the Lassen Community College District. A lot of thought went into all of these changes, the decisions were not made lightly. Our administrative team at Lassen Community College must be aligned with action and change. We must be open to whatever shifts and pressing needs the future might bring from our district.”

The college will construct organizational changes for the remainder of the spring semester.

In the email, Hall’s office wrote, “Instructional matters will be handled by Dean Karissa Morehouse, Dean Trevor Albertson and Dr. Randy Joslyn. Information Technology will be supervised by the Office of Instruction instead of Administrative Services, Dr. Joslyn and David Corley will be working closely with our IT and Institutional Effectiveness areas. Student service matters will be handled by Dean Karissa Morehouse, interim Director of Enrollment Services Davis Murphy and in some areas Dr. Trevor Albertson.”

Hall continued in the email, “Administrative Services will be led by the team of Terry Bartley, Davis Murphy and Greg Collins. Finally, HR is under the supervision of the Office of the President and Vickie Ramsey will continue to handle personnel issues.”

The college will post the open positions with one change at this time, “the vice president of student services position will replace the dean of student services position,” with the position to be soon posted and a hiring process to follow.

The college will also be recruiting an associate vice president of administrative services instead of a vice president of administrative services, with posting of the position and a hiring process to follow.

In the email it also reported, “the new associate dean of student services hopefully will be on board in April. The job was offered Friday. We will be finalizing the salary this week.”